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Autumn Classic Sale 565


1653A Guan-type glazed bowl, Song dynasty (960-1279).90 000 SEK
1654A Chitzhou vase with cover, Yuan/Ming dynasty.3 200 SEK
1655A celadon glazed dish, Ming dynasty.12 500 SEK
1656A Longquan celadon glazed Yen Yen vase, Ming dynasty.8 000 SEK
1657A sancai glazed jar, Qing dynasty, 17th Century.8 000 SEK
1658A famille verte dish, Qing dynasty, 17th Century with Chenghuas six character mark.19 000 SEK
1659A pair of famille verte dishes, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).3 700 SEK
1660A famille verte bowl, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).7 500 SEK
1661A green and aubergine glazed dragon bowl, Qing dynasty, with Kangxis six character mark and period (1662-1722).88 000 SEK
1662A green glazed dragon dish, Qing dynasty, 18th Century.6 500 SEK
1663A blanc de chine libation cup, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).4 600 SEK
1664A blanc de chine censer, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).12 500 SEK
1665A blanc de chine figure of Guanyin, Qing dynasty.18 000 SEK
1666A pair of blanc de chine wine cups, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).4 500 SEK
1667A blanc de chine beaker, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).Unsold
1668A blanc de chine 'Meiping' vase, Qing dynasty with Qianlongs seal mark and period (1736-95).30 000 SEK
1669A deep purple glazed vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).30 000 SEK
1670A sang de boef glazed brush washer, Qing dynasty with Kangxis six character mark.10 000 SEK
1671An underglaze red vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).19 000 SEK
1672A famille rose dish, Qing dynasty, 18th Century.Unsold
1673A famille rose dish, Qing dynasty, Yongzheng (1723-35).14 700 SEK
1674A famille rose jar, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).6 400 SEK
1675A famille rose armorial dinner plate with the arms of Grill, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).9 000 SEK
1676Two armorial tea cups with saucers and a creamer, Qing dynasty, Jiaqing (1796-1820).9 000 SEK
1677An armorial tea service, Qing dynasty, Jiaqing (1796-1820). (11 pieces).Unsold
1678A sang de boef glazed vase, Qing dynasty.Unsold
1679A pair of famille rose vases, first half of 20th Century with Hongxian's seal mark.19 500 SEK
1680A pair of Chinese famille rose egg-shell bowls, Repubic period.17 500 SEK
1681A blue and white Phoenix dish, Ming dynasty with Jiajings six character mark and period (1522-66).25 000 SEK
1682A blue and white wine jar, Ming dynasty, Wanli (1572-1620).26 000 SEK
1683A blue and white jar, Ming dynasty with hall mark.25 000 SEK
1684A blue and white vase, Ming dynasty.3 200 SEK
1685A three piece blue and white altar garniture, Ming dynasty.3 500 SEK
1686A blue and white bowl, Ming dynasty.3 200 SEK
1687A pair of blue and white 'Meiping' vases with cover, Ming dynasty.22 000 SEK
1688A blue and white vase, Ming dynasty.10 500 SEK
1689A blue and white Meiping vase, Ming dynasty, 17th Century.14 000 SEK
1690A large blue and white Transitional vase, 17th Century.320 000 SEK
1691A blue and white jar, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).12 500 SEK
1692A blue a bowl, Qing dynasty with Kangxis six character mark and period (1662-1722).21 000 SEK
1693A blue and white brush pot, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).37 000 SEK
1694A blue and white vase with cover, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).9 500 SEK
1695A set of two blue and white and cappuciner brown cups, Qing dynasty, first half of the 18th Century.Unsold
1696A blue and white vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).15 000 SEK
1697A yellow glazed blue and white lotus dish, mark and period of Yongzheng (1723-35).50 000 SEK
1698A blue and white bowl, Qing dynasty, with Yongzhengs six character mark and period (1723-35).48 000 SEK
1699A pair of blue and white tea cups with stands, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).3 200 SEK
1700A blue and white armorial soup dish, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1723-35).8 500 SEK
1701A large and rare armorial punch bowl, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).70 000 SEK