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Autumn Classic Sale 565


317Jacob Jordaens Circle of, Baccanal.62 000 SEK
318Karel Skreta Circle of, KAREL SKRETA, circle of, oil on canvas, not signed.Unsold
319Angelica Kauffman Circle of, Angelica and Bedoro.18 000 SEK
320Herman Frederick Carel ten Kate, Family idyll.Unsold
322Adrianus Eversen, City scene with figures.Unsold
324Caspar Netscher Circle of, Man with baton.29 000 SEK
325Lady with servant.Unsold
326Antonis van Dyck Follower of, Carl I of England on horse.24 000 SEK
327Francis Wheatley Circle of, The nap.12 000 SEK
328Jean-Marc Nattier Circle of, Allegory over water.120 000 SEK
329Martin Mijtens d.y (van Meytens) Circle of, "Josef II av Österrike" (Josef II of Austria).Unsold
330Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn Follower of, Man in oriental clothing.Unsold
331Nicolaes Maes Follower of, Boy in a classical landscape.Unsold
332Andrea Appiani, "Napoleon Bonaparte" (1769-1821).22 000 SEK
333Francesco Trevisani Attributed to, Portrait of an Cardinal.Unsold
334Egbert van Heemskerk, Fishmarket.Unsold
335Giovanni Migliara Attributed to, A Capriccio with a Reminiscence of the Scuola di San Marco.Unsold
337Andreas von Behn Attributed to, "Hovstallmästare Gustaf Hård af Segerstad"(1654-1714) (The Crown equerry Gustaf Hård af Segerstad).66 000 SEK
338Jörger von Tollet, "Drottning Kristina" (Queen Kristina).Unsold
339Jonas Åkerström, Mythological figure and animal composition.9 000 SEK
340Jonas Åkerström Attributed to, Figure painting.7 500 SEK
341Jonas Åkerström, "La vérité conduite par le teins.....".7 500 SEK
342Joseph de Saint-Michel, Noble man in blue justa corps.21 000 SEK
343Jonas Åkerström Attributed to, Antique figure composition.5 000 SEK
344Jonas Åkerström, Figure composition with angel and man.7 000 SEK
345Louis Masreliez Attributed to, Allegorical scene, woman offering gifts to the goddess.1 800 SEK
346Alexander Roslin Attributed to, Self portrait.Unsold
347Carl Petter Hilleström, View over Brunnsviken in the Haga park.25 000 SEK
348Trompe l'oeil with scissors, knife, quill and news paper.44 000 SEK
349Elias Martin, Landscape with figures by the lake.21 000 SEK
350Johan Fredrik Martin, "Stockholm ifrån södra sidan".25 000 SEK
351Erik Dahlbergh, "Bråvalla hed" (Bråvalla heath).Unsold
352Johan Tobias Sergel, "Drottning Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta" (1759-1818) (Queen Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta).150 000 SEK
353Johan Tobias Sergel, "Kristoffer Sergell" (1693-1773).56 000 SEK
354Johan Tobias Sergel, "Mamsell M: med präst krage och Claës med sabel" (Mademoiselle M with daisies and Claes with sabre).Unsold
355Johan Tobias Sergel, Gallodier give out keys to the cellar to the thirsty guests.160 000 SEK
356"Vedute di Napoli".16 000 SEK
357Niclas Lafrensen d.y., "Les hasards heureux de l'escarpolette".Unsold
359Domenico Bossi, Gentleman in uniform.40 000 SEK
360Anders Gustaf Andersson, Male portrait.3 400 SEK
361Jacob Axel Gillberg, "Carl Stellan Mörner af Morlanda" (1761-1834).3 000 SEK
362Louis Francois Aubry, Portrait of unknown lady.3 000 SEK
363Karl Gustaf Klingstedt, Venus and Cupid.7 500 SEK
364Man in Russian uniform.12 000 SEK
365Peter Adolf Hall, Woman with garland of flowers.14 500 SEK
366Karl Gustaf Klingstedt, Pastoral idyll.4 500 SEK
367Fanny Hjelm, Female portrait.1 600 SEK
368Andrew Plimer In the manner of the artist, ANDREW PLIMER. IN THE MANNER. Miniature. Gouache on bone, oval. Sign Plimer.Unsold
370Nicolas Beatrizet, "The sacrifice of Iphigenia".Unsold
371Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, "Beggar man and woman conversing".26 000 SEK
372Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, "Jan Uytenbogaert, the goldweigher".15 000 SEK
373Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, "The card player".8 000 SEK
374Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, "Christ and the woman of Samaria".8 500 SEK
376Nicolaes Visscher, "Novissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula, Auctore Nicolao Visscher".15 000 SEK
377ROYAL BINDINGS, red morocco, 46 calenders 1783-1817, 43 with (duchess) queen Hedvig Elisabeth Charlottas monogram.64 000 SEK
378Erik Dahlbergh, SUECIA ANTIQUA ET HODIERNA. 1-3.16 000 SEK
380Elias Magnus Fries, Swedish mushrooms.6 000 SEK
383A Gustavian late 18th Century cupboard by G. Iwersson, not signed.190 000 SEK
384A Gustavian late 18th Century secretaire attributed to Niklas Korp.Unsold
385A late Gustavian secretaire by E. N. Lindström.26 000 SEK
386A late Gustavian late 18th Century secretaire.20 000 SEK
387A late Gustavian late 18th Century secretaire.32 000 SEK
388A Swedish Empire 19th Century mahogny cabinet.20 000 SEK
389A Swedish late Baroque 18th Century commode.43 000 SEK
390A Swedish late Baroque 18th Century commode, signed by J. H. Fürloh.35 000 SEK
391A Swedish Rococo 18th Century commode.36 000 SEK
392A Swedish Rococo 18th Century commode.Unsold
393A Swedish Royal Rococo commode by G. Foltiern.Unsold
394A Swedish Rococo 18th Century commode.48 000 SEK
395A Swedish Rococo 18th Century commode by M. Engström.Unsold
396A Swedish Rococo 18th Century commode.28 000 SEK
397A Swedish Rococo 18th Century corner commode.28 000 SEK
398A Gustavian 18th Century commode by G. Foltiern.70 000 SEK
399A Gustavian commode by Gustaf Foltiern 1786.Unsold
400A Gustavian late 18th Century commode by G. Foltiern, not signed.86 000 SEK
401A Gustavian late 18th Century commode by G. Foltiern, not signed.58 000 SEK
402A Gustavian late 18th Century commode by Fredrich Iwersson, not signed.215 000 SEK
403A Gustavian late 18th Century commode signed by J. Hultsten.Unsold
404A Gustavian 18th Century commode attributed to J. Hultsten.Unsold
405A late Gustavian late 18th Century commode.52 000 SEK
406A late Gustavian 18th Century commode.40 000 SEK
407A late Gustavian 18th Century commode.30 000 SEK
408A late Gustavian 18th Century commode, by N. Korp.20 000 SEK
409A Swedish Empire early 19th Century writing commode.15 500 SEK
410A Danish late 18th Century commode.21 000 SEK
411A Gustavian table signed by G Iwersson. Probably private property of Crown Prince Karl (XIV) Johan or Oscar (I).840 000 SEK
412A late Gustavian late 18th Century table, probably by G. Iwersson.Unsold
413A late Gustavian late 18th Century table by L. Lundelius.46 000 SEK
414A late Gustavian circa 1800 table.21 000 SEK
415A Swedish early 19th Century Empire table, attributed to D. Sehfbom.22 000 SEK
416A Gustavian table signed by Georg Haupt.Unsold
417A Gustavian late 18th Century faiance tea table.Unsold
418A Gustavian late 18th Century console table.33 000 SEK
419A Gustavian late 18th century console table.31 000 SEK
420A late Gustavian console table by P Ljung. Comprising a late Gustavian 18th Century mirror.70 000 SEK
421A late Gustavian 18th century console table.23 000 SEK
422A late Gustavian early 19th Century console table.19 500 SEK