Contemporary 579


102A set of 16 Piero Fornasetti 'Astro Labio' porcelain plates, Milano, Italy.11 000 SEK
103An Aldo Tura serving trolley with an ice bucket and an ashtray, Italy 1960's.12 000 SEK
104A Jonathan De Pas, Donato d'Urbino & Paolo Lomazzi 'Onda' grey leather and chromed steel sofa, Zanotta, Italy.13 000 SEK
105An Ettore Sottsass ceramic vase and a footed bowl by Bitossi, Italy.15 000 SEK
106A Le Corbusier 'LC 4' lounge chair, Cassina, Italy.22 000 SEK
107A Le Corbusier 'LC 4' easy lounge chair, Cassina, Italy.12 000 SEK
108An Eero Saarinen 'Tulip' white marble and lacquered metal dining table, Knoll International, USA.32 000 SEK
109Eero Saarinen, A set of four Eero Saarinen 'Tulip' chairs, Knoll International, USA.Unsold
110A set of four Eero Saarinen 'Tulip' chairs, Knoll International, USA.11 200 SEK
111A Pierre Paulin 'Ribbon Chair', Artifort, Holland 1960-70's.14 000 SEK
112A Tom Dixon & Daft Punk 'Daft Punk coffee table', Habitat 2004.13 000 SEK
113A Le Corbusier 'LC 4' lounge chair, Cassina, Italy.Unsold
114A Gio Ponti 'Pirellone' floor lamp, Fontana Arte, Italy, model 2758.9 000 SEK
115René Magritte, RUG. "Woman". Tufted. 202 x 139 cm. Signed Magritte 1923. Ege Art Line, Denmark 1980's-90's.8 500 SEK
116Paul Klee, RUG. "Florentinisches villenviertel”. Machine made pile. 202 x 138 cm. After a work of Art by Paul Klee from 1926.7 500 SEK
117Josef Frank, CARPET. "Matta nr 1". Hand tufted. 393 x 298 cm. Josef Frank, Svenskt Tenn.75 000 SEK
118Josef Frank, CARPET. "Matta nr 1". Hand tufted. 347 x 257 cm. Josef Frank, Svenskt Tenn/Kasthall.90 000 SEK
119Robert Indiana, CARPET. "Black on White", Chosen love. Hand tufted in 1995. 246 x 245 cm. Robert Indiana.20 000 SEK
120Robert Indiana, CARPET. "White on Black", Chosen love. Hand tufted in 1995. 242 x 245 cm. Robert Indiana.28 000 SEK
121Marianne Bergström, CARPET. Knotted pile. 288 x 182 cm. Sweden-Finland, around 1970.8 000 SEK
122Verner Panton, CARPET, closest to circular. "Curve, beige". Machine made pile. Diameter 239-245 cm. Designed by Verner Panton.5 000 SEK
123Verner Panton, RUG. "Square, Multi colour". Machine made pile. 196 x 134,5 cm. Designed by Verner Panton.16 000 SEK
124Verner Panton, FABRICS, 3 PIECES. Cotton velor. A variety of nuances and patterns. Verner Panton.9 000 SEK
125Verner Panton, CURTAIN AND FABRICS, 3 PIECES. Cotton velor. A variety of nuances and patterns. Verner Panton.4 500 SEK
126Verner Panton, CURTAINS, 3 PIECES, AND SAMPLERS, 10 PIECES. Cotton velor. A variety of green nuances and patterns. Verner Panton.9 500 SEK
127Verner Panton, CURTAINS, 3 PIECES, AND SAMPLERS, 5 PIECES. Cotton velor. A variety of beige nuances and patterns. Verner Panton.7 500 SEK
128Verner Panton, CURTAIN AND SAMPLERS, 5 PIECES. Cotton velor. A variety of blue nuances and patterns. Verner Panton.5 500 SEK
129Verner Panton, CURTAIN, FABRIC AND SAMPLERS, 6 PIECES. Cotton velor. A variety of dark to light red nuances and patterns. Verner Panton.9 500 SEK
130Verner Panton, CURTAINS, 2 PIECES, AND SAMPLERS, 11 PIECES. Cotton velor. A variety of orange nuances and patterns. Verner Panton.13 000 SEK
131RUG. Machine woven pile. 188 x 134,5 cm. Kasthall.6 500 SEK
132Mr Brainwash (Thierry Guetta), "Cover Girl" (Kate Moss).40 000 SEK
133Donald Baechler, "Flower", from: "Some of my subjects".16 000 SEK
135Ola Billgren, Café.26 000 SEK
136Peter Blake, "The Side Show" (Fat Boy; Tattooed man; Giant; Midget; Bearded Lady).8 000 SEK
137Chris Burden, "If you fly".10 500 SEK
138Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Orange store front, project".Unsold
139Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Ponte Sant'Angelo, wrapped project for Rome".Unsold
140Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Wrapped Opera House (Project for the Opera House in Sydney, Bennelong, Australia)".Unsold
141Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "10 millions oil drums wall, project for the Suez canal".Unsold
142Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida".20 000 SEK
143Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "The Umbrellas (Joint project for Japan and USA)".20 000 SEK
144Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Wrapped Reichstag, (Project for Berlin)".Unsold
145Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Wrapped Trees, project for the the Fondation Beyeler and Berower Park, Riehen, Switzerland".11 000 SEK
146Lena Cronqvist, "August Strindberg, ett drömspel".Unsold
147Peter Dahl, "Carl Michael Bellman: Fredmans Epistlar".40 000 SEK
148Jim Dine, "Dutch Hearts".12 000 SEK
149Jim Dine, "Black and white bathrobe".12 000 SEK
150Jim Dine, "Wall chart II".35 000 SEK
151Jim Dine, "The Bee".19 000 SEK
152Jim Dine, "Night heart".Unsold
153Jim Dine, "The Astra set" (five sets, 25 lithographs).Unsold
154Jim Dine, "Behind the thicket".Unsold
155Ann Edholm, Untitled.13 000 SEK
156Öyvind Fahlström, "Eddie (Sylvie's brother) in the desert" (Uncut).9 000 SEK
157Sam Francis, Untitled.Unsold
158Sam Francis, Untitled.Unsold
159John-E Franzén, "Cadillac".5 000 SEK
160John-E Franzén, "East Hollywood".6 500 SEK
161Carl Hammoud, "Camera".3 000 SEK
162Richard Hamilton, "Finn MacCool".Unsold
163RICHARD HAMILTON, mjukgrundsetsning, akvatint, gravyr och roulette, 1983, signerad med blyerts 24/120.Unsold
164Keith Haring, Untitled, from: "Untitled 1-5".230 000 SEK
165Keith Haring, Untitled, from: "White Icons".48 000 SEK
166Howard Hodgkin, "Souvenir".Unsold
167Robert Indiana, "Love".34 000 SEK
168Robert Indiana, "Love".32 000 SEK
169Robert Indiana, "Love in Blue".38 000 SEK
170Jasper Johns, "Figure 2", from: "Color numeral series".Unsold
171Alex Katz, "Swamp maple I".Unsold
172Karin Mamma Andersson, "Roliga timmen".16 000 SEK
173Karin Mamma Andersson, "Abandoned".18 000 SEK
174Karin Mamma Andersson, "Only the nights are new".20 000 SEK
175Karin Mamma Andersson & Jockum Nordström, "Faces".16 000 SEK
176Jockum Nordström, "Afton i salongen".17 500 SEK
177Jockum Nordström, JOCKUM NORDSTRÖM, litograph in colours, 2002, signed in pencil and inscribed EA, printed and published by Sibirien Lito.Unsold
178Jockum Nordström, "Back to the land".Unsold
179Jockum Nordström, "Vi bor på kontoret".18 000 SEK
180Jockum Nordström, "Barndomens definitiva slut".Unsold
181Jockum Nordström, "Jag visste inte att vi bytte plats".Unsold
183Jockum Nordström, JOCKUM NORDSTRÖM, lithograph in colours, signed in pencil and inscribed A.P., printed by Sibirien Lito, Stockholm.Unsold
184Jockum Nordström, Vem bryr sig.7 000 SEK
185Roy Lichtenstein, "Figures", from "Surrealist series".26 000 SEK
186Roy Lichtenstein, "Girl" (regular edition), from: "1¢ Life".32 000 SEK
187Roy Lichtenstein, "Spray Can" (regular edition), from: "1¢ Life".12 000 SEK
188Klara Lidén, "Bonbonbon".Unsold
189Makode Linde, "Betty Boop".4 000 SEK
190Makode Linde, "Scull".4 000 SEK
191Makode Linde, "Giraffe".6 000 SEK
192Makode Linde, "Mary".3 000 SEK
193Takashi Murakami, "And then, and then and then and then and then".15 000 SEK
194Robert Rauschenberg, "Rookery mounds -- Gray garden".15 000 SEK
195Robert Rauschenberg, "Pit Boss", from "Bones & Unions".Unsold
196Bridget Riley, Untitled (Bronze).32 000 SEK
197Bridget Riley, "Coloured greys I", from: "Coloured Greys".32 000 SEK
198Niki de Saint Phalle, "Arizona Sunset".7 000 SEK
198AAntoni Tàpies, "A effacé".Unsold
199Gerhard Richter, CAGE GRID II (Single part K).1 200 000 SEK
200Andy Warhol, "Mick Jagger".200 000 SEK
201Andy Warhol, "Mao".170 000 SEK
202Andy Warhol, "Flowers".150 000 SEK