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Per Ung
Per ung, "omfavnelse" (=the embrace).
Per ung, "omfavnelse" (=the embrace).
Per ung, "omfavnelse" (=the embrace).
Per ung, "omfavnelse" (=the embrace).
Per ung, "omfavnelse" (=the embrace).

"Omfavnelse" (=The Embrace)

Signed Per Ung. Bronze, brown patina. Height 101.5 cm.

Droit de suite: Yes

100 000 - 150 000 SEK

10 941 - 16 411 EUR

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The Norwegian sculptor Per Ung is considered to be one of the most prominent of contemporary Norwegian art. He was a student of the famous Per Palle Storm at the National Academy during the years 1952-1955 and there received a thorough education in the figurative sculpture tradition. But Ung also studied modernism in 1960 when he was a student of Anthony Caro at Martin's School of Art in London.
Ungs first monumental sculpture was the statue depicting Johanne Dybwad placed outside the National Theatre in Oslo. During Ungs life, he executed a series of public portrait statues, reliefs and monuments in several public places in Norway.
Towards the end of the 1970s / early 80s, he sought new expressions and several of his sculptures had mythological subjects or lovers as a motif. His works from this time is considered more personal and freer in style. Per Ungs famous composition "Omfavnelse"(Embracemant) was conceived in 1978.

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