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Emile Coriolan Hippolyte Guillemin
Emile coriolan hippolyte guillemin, "othello".
Emile coriolan hippolyte guillemin, "othello".
Emile coriolan hippolyte guillemin, "othello".


Signed Ele Guillemin and inscribed Othello. Bronze, brown patina. Height 115 cm.

Droit de suite: No

125 000 - 150 000 SEK

13 676 - 16 411 EUR

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In Shakespeare's tragedy first performed about 1603, Othello was a highly regarded general of Venice who married Desdemona, the daughter of a Senator named Brabantia. The villain Iago leads Othello to believe her unfaithful. Othello smothers her to death before learning of her innocence, after which he kills himself. The story was set to music in operas by Rossini in 1816 and Verdi in 1887.

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