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Restaurant Gastrologik x Bukowskis Shop

Anton Bjuhr and Jacob Holmström in their restaurant Gastrologik at Artillerigatan in Stockholm. Photography by Erik Olsson.

In 2020, Bukowskis is celebrating 150 years as a vibrant and modern auction house. During the year we will invite you to take part in fantastic auctions, curated exhibitions and dynamic collaborations.

Starting in January, we will each month launch a new curated collaboration in Bukowski's Shop - the given place for design furniture, carpets and jewellery that you can click home and buy right away. First up is a collaboration with restaurant Gastrologik. As Gastrologik is undergoing a major renovation during the winter of 2020 was Bukoskis given the honourable assignment to sell the two-star restaurant's interior signed architect Jonas Lindvall.

The Stockholm-based restaurant Gastrologik is located on Artelligatan 14 in Stockholm. The space is cool, tasteful and Scandinavian with its whitewashed walls and scaled interiors designed by architect and designer Jonas Lindvall.

The founders, Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr, first met in a restaurant kitchen on the west coast, more specifically at the Linnéa restaurant in Gothenburg. There they started their gastronomic journey together. With job references from New York, Paris and Oslo, they have both been trained at reputable restaurants and soon the thoughts of a joint restaurant emerged. The result; Gastrologik – a contemporary gastronomy in the new Nordic style. Local, organic and seasonal ingredients are in focus and hence the menu changes daily depending on what is available. Every night new flavors and combinations pop up.

Already in 2013, just over a year after they opened the doors to the restaurant, the duo received their first Michelin star in the rich guide. As a rising star on the restaurant map, they quickly became internationally renowned and guests travelled from all over the world to visit the restaurant. In 2019, Gastrologik was rewarded with a second star in the French guide. Since then, the restaurant has been at the top of the Nordic pub scene year after year.

Read more about Gastrologik on their website >

The well-composed and creative menu is served in an architect-designed room by Jonas Lindvall. The tasteful interior of the room and its features add another element to the dining experience. Everything is interplayed and carefully selected where the gastronomy of the kitchen goes hand in hand with the sparsely decorated interior. The decor is designed to let the food take the place. Jonas Lindvall took advantage of Nordic ideas and chose oak, copper, leather and limestone as the basic material in the design. He also designed the chair Miss Holly, a timeless chair with high comfort that he designed for Stolab, which is the chair that guests would sit on during the hours of dinner would be enjoyed. The idea was that the chairs would blend into the environment without taking over.

Chair 'Miss Holly' in white lacquered ash can be bought in set of two, four or six chairs.
Fixed price: 6 149 SEK for a pair, 11 999 SEK for four chairs, 17 849 SEK for six chairs.

Miss Holly is a gracious and generous chair with respect for what has been and a sense of what we lack today. The chair is both beautiful and functional with inspiration from pinning chairs around the world. The details in the chair attest to a professional skill and a love of wood as a material. Miss Holly is beautiful as a solitaire or in a group around a dining table. The seat height works for most dining tables.

Buy the chairs here >
With reservation for final sale. A total of 18 chairs are for sale in Bukowski's Shop.

Throughout Gastrologik is the idea of Nordic savory. Guests are first met by large street-level windows that are covered with white curtains. But from the inside, it is not least these curtains that filter the daylight and give the space a unique atmosphere, a space where guests can relax and feel comfortable. Everything from the stools and the stylish tables, to the organic plates and cutlery, contributes and is presented in line with the design identity.

Side table 'Tureen' in green or red/orange marble, "Verde Alpi" and "Rosso Alicante" from Italy. Fixed price per table: 6 149 SEK
Side table 'Tureen' in oak, Ø 38 cm (different heights). Fixed price per table: 3 959 SEK / 4 399 SEK
Side table 'Tureen' in oak, Ø 65 cm. Fixed price per table: 6 149 SEK

The inspiration for the elegant table Tureen comes from the history of furniture and the world of gastronomy. With thoughts of beauty and function, the table can function as a surface, any dish, or a dish. The expression of the surface creates a harmony that testifies to the quality of the craft. The Tureen table can be used as a set table together or each individually as a coffee table, relief table or lounge table.

Buy the Tureen tables here >
With reservation for final sale. A total of 8 lounge tables and one Miss Holly DIning Table are for sale in Bukowski's Shop.

The stylish and playful armchair and sofa 'Wrap' are furniture pieces that is both inviting and embracing but which at the same time does not take up too much space in the room. 'Wrap' works great in all types of environments – in a living room as well as in a lounge area.

Armchair 'Wrap' in light pink or mint green upholstery. Fixed price: 6 149 SEK Buy here>
With reservation for final sale. A total of four chairs, two in pink and two in mint green, are for sale in Bukowski's Shop.
Sofa 'Wrap' in light pink or mint green upholstery. Fixed price: 11 999 SEK Buy here>
With reservation for final sale. A total of two sofas, one in pink and one in mint green, are for sale in Bukowski's Shop.
Side table 'Tureen' in oak. Fixed price: 6 149 SEK Buy here>
With reservation for final sale. A total of two oak side tables in Ø 65 cm are for sale in Bukowski's Shop.
Side table 'Tureen' in marble. Fixed price: 6 149 SEK Buy here>
With reservation for final sale. A total of four side tables in marble, two in orange and two in green, are for sale in Bukowski's Shop.