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In the sea view dining room, the Italian ceiling lamp in brass and glass from the second half of the 20th century is placed as an eye-catching centrepiece. The lamp, as well as the wool rug Onyx from Layered, are included in this theme auction.

In Bukowskis recurring series "Unique homes" we meet Malin Glemme, designer and founder of Layered, an internationally renowned design company with the focus on quality carpets and furniture in modern Scandinavian design.

Since its beginning, Layered has been inspired by the connection between interior and art. In this meeting, between the two worlds, Layered launched an experimental collection called Breaking Boundaries together with the established Scandinavian artists Aida Cheregosha, Åsa Jungnelius, Constance Tenvik and Emilia Ilke. Artists, whose exciting artistry and strong stories have a design language that speaks to both the established art world as well as viewers without any knowledge of their previous work. Together, they invite the spectator to a creative meeting that blurs the need for categorization.

In this theme auction, you have the opportunity to bid on these spectacular rugs as well a lot of design objects from Malin Glemmes' private home, a home filled with design classics, contemporary art and auction bargains.

How would you describe your interior design style?
I have a pretty classic style, but I also like to mix painting, photography and sculpture, which has a central place in the home with a focus on contemporary works. I want to achieve an eclectic personal mix that still interacts nicely with colour and form. However, I am something of an ascetic minimalist when it comes to the number of objects in my home, but since I have a long background within the textile industry, textiles also have a central place when I decorate, since this adds most rooms a cosy feeling. I can be a bit of a textile nerd and often fall in love with a specific type of textile.

In all her homes, Malin has mixed unique objects from different periods rather than favouring a particular era. However, she is happy to return to certain periods, such as the mid-19th century and the 1950s.

The favourite auction "bargain", a rococo-style desk from the second half of the 19th century mixed with photography and contemporary art in Malin Glemme's home.

What makes a home personal to you?
Objects that accompany one through life from home to home, regardless of current trends. I have a hard time with over-conceptual environments, as they lack soul according to me, which is the opposite of a personal home. It is always nice when the home truly reflects the person who lives there. There is something beautiful in this clear connection. Maybe that's when a home feels soulfully personal?

What is your best auction find?
My absolute favourite "find" is a rococo-style desk from the second half of the 19th century. It may be a question of definition if you can call it a bargain as it pulled away from the estimate, but I think it is incredibly beautiful and I am just as happy every time I see it. So in my eyes, it's still a great find.

Malin Glemme's magnificent Art Nouveau villa is located with a magnificent view of the sea. The theme auction includes the luxurious outdoor armchairs from Restoration Hardware.

Theme auction goes on between July 24 - August 2.

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The living room is Malin's favourite room. Here is one of Layered's rugs Wool cubes in the color True greige. Further into the dining room, we see the Onyx rug, also from Layered.

In the kitchen, auction bargains are mixed with favourites from Firma Svenskt Tenn.

The comfortable armchairs in brass and velvet from One Kings Lane, the velvet sofa from Layered as well as the beautiful ceiling lamp in black metal with glass domes are also included in the auction.