Yet another successful collaboration with designer Fredrik Paulsen

Foto: Carl Kleiner

High-quality design sells - no matter when

In the middle of the current industrial holiday in Sweden, a theme auction was held with no less than 82 chairs and stools in a unique colour scheme by an acclaimed furniture designer and artist Fredrik Paulsen. All chairs and most of the stools were sold after intensive bidding. Most popular were the chairs shaded in pink.

The design bar annually explores contemporary aesthetic and culinary expressions. In Victoriahallen, a design exhibition and a top-class restaurant with the stage for Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks were merged this spring. A cross-fertilization that this year got a funfair-inspired interior signed by un-orthodox Fredrik Paulsen.

The artist and designer Fredrik Paulsen has previously told about the process behind the acclaimed chair "Röhsska" and how he took up an assignment to interpret "democratic design", whose results for the first time was seen in the exhibition “Distressing democratic design” at the Röhsska Museum 2019. (Read the interview here). When Fredrik Paulsen was given the task of designing the Design Bar, he chose to continue his design.

Stockholm in February can be tough. Therefore, I want to give visitors a chance to dream away. I've been inspired by beach walks on the Riviera, bars in the Balearic Islands, casinos in Las Vegas and amusement parks like Coney Island. My hope is to create a meeting place where people feel welcome and inspired, says Fredrik Paulsen.

Fredrik Paulsen, 1980, based in Stockholm. He holds an MFA from Royal College of Art in London and a BFA from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, where he is now a visiting tutor.
Fredrik’s work includes furniture and interior design as well as exhibitions and he is interested in creating a sense of accessability and community, using design as a vehicle.
In the spectrum of Fredrik Paulsen’s work are notions of anti-consumerism, psychedelic escapism and counterculture. It celebrates atmosphere and artificiality through material, colour and form.
With a playful approach to the carefree and mundane, he experiments with creative processes challenging the sense of preciousness inherent to the field of design.

Studio Fredrik Paulsen

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